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Thursday, December 29, 2011

update from leicester

I am now in Leicester and whow,it's just 3 months and so many things happened.....but I am loving living in UK despite the dramas and under a strict budget. Good company,good foods,good course and of course good uni are some of the things i have right now...cant wait to travel around uk (or probably europe and some middle easts) and getting good grades!

Bye for now....xx

Saturday, September 17, 2011

London London...ingin ku kesana~

It is hard to describe my feeling right now..I just can't feel the excitement of leaving home for my dream. May be I am not that ready for anything yet.

Exactly 72 hours from now, I will be leaving for UK to continue my study in Aerospace Engineering at University Of Leicester, United Kingdom for 3 years. It is going to be a new life for me...... no more "lapar ma..masakkan untuk aku" after more "farhan, sembayang" at 5.30am more " bah keluar kan baju kan di sasah" after shower.... I guess i will be missing those....Home Sick is the best word to describe that!!!!

Despite all my dramatic assumptions of what would happen to me after tuesday..... I am also looking forward for the "new life".. as many would say, uni life is interesting.... I am not sure how interesting it would from my "research" from fb...uni life is cool.....hewhew....outings with seniors....makan makan....nando's...gym...going to campus walking...and more!

ohh....i gotta go now...someone is texting me on fb!...till then peeps!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stepping Stone

exactly a week after the Official end of Bridex 2011. As a part of Bridex 2011, I can surely say it was great,successful event by RBTS and MinDef,eventhough the behind-the-scenes were painstaking.

As for me, Bridex 2011 has given me a lot of lessons,memories and opportunities. I was appointed as an Officer In Attendance (OIA in short) under the supervision of Ministry Of Defence. In brief, OIAs are the ones who escorted,kept track on the activities and made sure the places for the VIPs were right. Depending on lucks, an OIA might get an international delegate(s).....or just the local delegate.

I was assigned by MinDef (in fact, Hamiz alone did this to me) to take care of Rear Admiral A R Karve, the representative of the Chief of Navy of India. As a comparison, Rear Admiral is actually a Brigadier General when we put it into Army rankings. By taking care of him, i had chances to see and go to a lot of events in first class views, for example, I had the chance to go to watch the First City Parade in Brunei Darussalam,I was sitting on the right wing of the royal dias together with 4 OIAs and other international Navies. Apart from that, I also had the chance to go for cocktail parties on ships of India, China, Pakistan, New Zealand and USA's navies. It was such a new,awesome experience to me!.

Friend-wise, who said works bring friends far apart?. In Bridex, works bring friends close apart,as close as siblings,as works brought friends into the same locations as yours. If it is not the case, we would meet at the hotel and had our dinner together and brougt up what we're up to on that day. worst case scenario, we just stayed in a room and had fun by playing games (most of the time,in my room,room 207).

Today, I am looking at Bridex 2011 as my stepping stone to the real,wild world of work. It opens my mind how work would be in the future, how work brings people together and how experience is more worthed than money. I enjoyed every second of my life in Bridex 2011 with all my easy going circle of friends! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

next in the schedule...Bridex 2011

Bridex Building

just a simple intro to Bridex,it is an international event,organised by Royal Brunei Technical Service (RBTS) along with Ministry Of Defence (MinDef) in every 2 years. Participants of this event will be companies which are dealing with the Military Technologies from all parts of the world. There will be exhibitions as well as conference. Bridex 2011 will be held in early July this year at Bridex Building in Jerudong and it's open for public on certain days and RBTS has started selling the tickets.

For Bridex 2011, I will be participating this event as a Delegates Coordinator under the MinDef. I will be attending the training next week and i anxiously cant wait for it!

Enough said.

i feel like blogging tonight and so yeah!...kthxbye!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


it all started from one gigantic event, The Big Bang.... and only by fractions of ONE second, Matters(particles) started to form leading to the formation of the first element ever in the entire Universe,Hydrogen. Another fractions of a second later..Helium and Lithium were born accordingly. All of these ancient yet majestic processes of Nature-manufacturing however is not as simple as it sounds, it is way too complicated to be explained by a freshly graduated A-level student from SMSO.. or even an ordinary Physicist..

*snap*...I am being lunatic here!...okay,back to reality...ah,before everything,there is no proper word than "Hello" or better be"peace be upon you" before I mumbling in here.

right,Holiday has been treating me well this week,there is not so much problem to think about except one dilemmatic case which I prefer not to mention it in here. I'd prefer to discuss it with my friends or expertise in that particular field soon.

When I watched Travel and Living Channel an hour ago,it was Weekend with Samantha Brown (if not mistaken) and she was in Florence,Italy. She spent the whole weekend staying in Tuscany, a classical region in Florence. Classic Italian architectures, rooftop coffee shop with wonderful city scenery,cobble roads,less traffic...ahh. what could be relaxing than that...??and one catchy phrase from her was "the sweetness of doing nothing" when she enjoyed her coffee....

as for now, Tuscany,Florence,Italy is officially on my wishlist!!!.

GTG peeps! =D and advance Good Friday!